Solar Eclipse is Coming—Why So Many Emergency Warnings?

It’s coming…. Monday, April 8th of 2024, a total solar eclipse will cross North America from Mexico to Canada, crossing most of the U.S. This will be the first total solar eclipse in the continental U.S. in 7 years (August 21, 2017). According to the science experts, it will be the most visible and longest total solar eclipse for the United States, with total darkness lasting for about four minutes. It begins with a partial eclipse, which will last for a little over an hour. Then the total eclipse lasts for about four minutes, and the remaining partial eclipse for another hour and approximately 15 minutes. This is a naturally occurring event; however, we are seeing more and more emergency warnings, school closings, and fascinating historical and biblical references due to the timing of this eclipse, but first let’s take a look at the scientific facts.

So, What Exactly is a Total Eclipse?

According to Wikipedia, a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby obscuring the view of the Sun from a small part of the Earth, totally or partially. A total eclipse occurs on average every 18 months when the dark silhouette of the Moon completely obscures the intensely bright light of the Sun, allowing the much fainter solar corona to be visible. During any one eclipse, totality occurs at best only in a narrow track on the surface of Earth. This narrow track is called the path of totality.

Path of Totality

Starting on the Pacific coast of Mexico, it will reach the Dallas, TX, area at about 12:23 p.m. CDT and will end in Caribou, ME, at about 4:40 EDT. NASA has a great deal of information about the eclipse, with timetables, maps and safe solar viewing options so you can watch.

Interestingly, the last total solar eclipse in 2017 was almost a completely inverted pathway, starting from Oregon and ending in South Carolina.

In 2017, the path ranged from about 62 to 71 miles wide. During the coming April eclipse, the path over North America will range between 108 and 122 miles wide – meaning at any given moment, this eclipse covers more ground. An estimated 31.6 million people live in the path of totality this year, compared to 12 million in 2017. An additional 150 million people live within 200 miles of the path of totality, so many more people will get to experience this eclipse. You don’t need to live within the path of totality to see the eclipse – in April, 99% of people who reside in the United States will be able to see the partial or total eclipse from where they live. Every contiguous U.S. state, plus parts of Alaska and Hawaii, will experience at least a partial solar eclipse. This is truly a significant event.

Why All the Warnings?

It’s a bit of a mystery; however, the emergency warnings are ramping up the closer we get to April 8. Oklahoma’s National Guard is set to be deployed to assist with emergency management to cope with “an unprecedented number of tourists” according to Lt. Col Jabonn Flurry, commander of the 63rdf Civil Support Team. NASA has predicted that McCurtain County is one of the 13 best spots to see the total eclipse.

Schools are closing, Wegmans Grocery Store in Buffalo will be closing for 30 minutes during the eclipse and FEMA is stopping at American businesses dropping off disaster assistance notices with deadlines that are, you guessed it—April 8th. The FAA is warning of flight delays and clogged airspace near the solar eclipse path. There are warnings that the eclipse could cause widespread cell phone disruptions for millions of Americans and social media is all abuzz with warnings to stock up on food and water for weeks.

Retired politician, Ron Paul recently warned the public about an unpredictable ‘Black Swan’ event during a recent interview with Tucker Carlson. General Michael Flynn also warned about a Black Swan event that could happen at the time of the eclipse. Could the government use the Solar Eclipse as a crisis and a reason for outages, or solar flare, or an excuse for a CBDC push to have full control and a way to freeze your funds? Considering our recent history, these are not radical conspiracy theories, but rather critical thinking hypotheses based on events over the last few years.

A Biblical Event?

Some researchers believe that this could be “THE solar eclipse” that unleashes one of the seals of Revelation. They believe it will start the time clock for the revealing of the Antichrist. Jim Staley from Passion For Truth Ministries believes that the “mathematical impossibility” of all the events taking place at this moment in history, including the “Devil Comet” which is set to pass by Earth for the first time in 71 years, and may be visible during the eclipse, make this a truly remarkable moment in time. shares interesting insight regarding the path of the eclipse:

There will be 8 total and 8 partial eclipses over 8 locations named “Nineveh” on April 8th.

Refer to Matthew 16 “that no sign shall be given EXCEPT the sign of Jonah”. Jonah went to Ninevah to tell them God was ready to destroy them, and they responded by REPENTING! Is it a coincidence that this total eclipse on April 8th will occur over: 1. Nineveh, Texas 2. Nineveh, Missouri 3. Nineveh, Indiana 4. Nineveh, Ohio 5. Nineveh, Pennsylvania 6. Nineveh, Virginia 7. Nineveh, New York 8. Nineveh, Nova Scotia? I suppose it could be a coincidence. It's possible. But, what if it's not?

No one knows for certain if this is a sign of End of Days or not.

The Day of the Lord will be a shock to everyone who doesn’t have a true relationship with Jesus. But, not to His true sons and daughters. He said that He would come like a thief in the night to those of the world (they will be entirely unaware) … but those who have been abiding in His Word, will notice the signs that Jesus and the prophets gave long ago, and therefore, they will be alert [awake], ready, and watching!

Even if this is a nothingburger like Y2K, it’s still a good time to repent and make things right with our Creator.

Matthew 24:36 declares,

“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.