Trump in the Polls – Where Does He Stand?

The world is on fire and our future has never been more uncertain than it is right now. This is a time we need the full armor of God to protect us and give us courage as we march forward, hopefully toward more unity and peace. This cannot happen under Democratic leadership, as their Marxist manifesto has wreaked so much havoc on our society in the brief time Joe Biden has been at the helm. With identity politics, DEI, and climate change as their religion, they have been pulling on the thread of what holds our country together, unraveling the American dream that has attracted so many diverse individuals who have claimed a stake in this wonderful land we call home. Our way of life is under threat, and we cannot afford another term ruled by the self-serving, corrupt uni-party machine.

The 2024 election is literally the most important election of our lifetime. If we lose, we may lose our entire way of life. Our children and grandchildren will not have the same freedoms we grew up with. If the globalists have their way, we will be under 24-hour surveillance, living in 15-minute cities under their total control. The UN’s Agenda 2030 has it all laid out. It’s even more Orwellian than Orwell himself could have predicted. We HAVE to get this right, folks – this election is critical.

We need a candidate who is not beholden to donors and lobbyists with their own globalist agendas. We need a candidate who is not a lifelong RINO neocon getting his/her palm greased by the war machine. We need a candidate who possesses knowledge of business and can actually get things done. We need a candidate who puts America first. We need a candidate who can stand up to the woke mob. We need a candidate who genuinely loves this country and will fight for our freedom. Sound like anyone you know? (Recall zero wars were started during the reign of our last Commander in Chief.)

So where are the GOP candidates currently standing in the polls? Well, when it comes to polling, we know we’re dealing with an exercise that is never 100% accurate; however, let’s take a look at some of the recent poll information from a few various sources. The site, 538, had the most recent data showing the information below, from Oct. 10, 2023:

This information is a national average. You can go on the site, choose any state and check out the numbers for that state. (There are also many other polls you can find on this interactive site, associated with ABC News.)

A CBS News poll shows President Trump has a huge lead in Iowa and New Hampshire:

This poll is dated Sept. 15-24th, so, it took place before the second primary debate (obviously, Asa Hutchinson is no longer even in the race); however, these numbers seem pretty consistent with the 538 poll, with Trump gaining even more steam from September to October.

Interestingly, Trump is rising in the polls despite all the indictments and allegations he is facing. Some think the unfair accusations even fuel his popularity. We believe that the recent attacks in Israel were partially due to the current weak US leadership and predict that Joe Biden’s approval ratings will continue to nosedive, elevating Trump to an even higher status. Remember, Trump achieved unprecedented peace agreements in the middle east, and has always been a firm supporter of Israel, while Biden helped feed the beast (Iran) that financially supported the atrocious terrorist attack on Israeli citizens and military.

So how does Trump stack up in a direct race with Joe Biden? Going back to our question about accurate polling, there is one clear winner, IBD/TIPP. This group has proven to be America’s most accurate national poll in the 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020 presidential elections. Fortune Magazine has even named IBD/TIPP the most accurate pollster, so let’s see what they are showing:

Clearly, Biden’s job approval numbers are hurling downward. Even before the terrorist attack in Israel, Bidenomics (along with a host of other failed policies) has been negatively impacting most Americans. The Hill recently reported that Just 42 percent of registered voters said they would back Biden against Trump — 31 percent who said they’ll definitely do so and 11 percent who said they’ll probably cast their ballots for him. That figure is down 5 points from July, when 47 percent said they’d vote for the incumbent against the former president.

And check out this ABC News recent headline, Trump edges out Biden 51-42 in head-to-head matchup: POLL. They show Trump’s numbers way ahead of Biden!

In summary, we know that polls are a snapshot in time, and will change slightly from day to day. Additionally, polling is not an exact science, so we always need to be cognizant of underlying biases and interpretations from each pollster. However, polls can provide us with insight, especially when compared with other polls that show similar trends. That said, we do see a major trend of Trump leading the pack within the GOP, and it appears he is now edging out the incumbent in a head-to-head presidential battle.

If the world environment continues in the downward spiral we are currently experiencing, more will continue to wake up and see our current administration for who they really are—a weak and feckless group of fools more interested in identity politics than protecting our nation and standing up for our freedom and constitutional rights. Of course, there are some who will never wake up, like the narcissistic, pseudo-intellectuals who would rather become annihilated by their own democratic ideologies than admit America-first policies work. But anyone who can think critically and actually do the math can figure out that the democrats are losing, and they’re taking us all down with them. And for those who won’t do the math because they believe math is racist, well, we’ll continue praying for you.