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Ukraine officials intercept $6M bribe to stop investigation into Burisma founder

It looks like the Biden Burisma scandal is back in the news. So, I'm certain the riots will start to flair up again so the media is focused on other things. 

Who am I kidding? The mainstream Liberal media probably won't give it the coverage it deserves anyway. 

The Washington Examiner is reporting that Ukraine prosecutors held a press conference where they said $6 million U.S. dollars were going to be used for 'bribes' to stop criminal investigations into Hunter Biden’s former company, Burisma.  Ukraninan authorities were able to intercept the money before it got to its intended mark. I am certain Senator Lindsey Graham is already deep into investigating the source. 

This is from today's From Washsington Examiner

'Ukrainian prosecutors said they intercepted a multimillion-dollar bribe intended to be used in an effort to stop a criminal investigation into the founder of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company that once employed Hunter Biden. former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, on its board.

At a Saturday news conference in Kyiv, Ukrainian authorities put on display a pile of U.S. currency wrapped in plastic bags they said was sent to government offices to stop a criminal investigation into Mykola Zlochevsky, Burisma’s founder and the former minister of ecology, who is suspected of using his government position for personal benefit.

Ukrainian prosecutor Nazar Kholodnitsky, tasked with investigating corruption, and Artem Sytnik, head of the country’s anti-corruption bureau, announced that three people, including a top taxation service official, were arrested in connection with the bribe. Neither of the Bidens were involved, according to Kholodnitsky.

Burisma claimed to have nothing to do with the attempted bribe.'

It looks as each day passes, Joe Biden is having his house of cards slowly crumble. Biden has constantly denied that he did anything criminal.  In fact, he boasted about how he was threatening to withhold aid if the former Ukraine leader did not fire the prosecutor looking into his son's former company.

Incidentally, this is what the House Democrats accused President Trump of regarding the now famous quid pro quo call that actually had no quid pro quo. Funny how silent they are about this new information. I wonder why.

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