Ukraine War – The Real Story?

It seems like just yesterday we were all cheering for the famous Ghost of Kiev, credited with shooting down six Russian planes over Kyiv during the Kyiv offensive on February 24, 2022. Remember? We were all posting the yellow and blue flag on our social media, and we were enraged that Big Ol’ Russia was attacking poor little Ukraine and their lovable comedic leader, Volodymyr Zelensky. Remember that?

It turns out that was a war myth—propaganda to boost morale. Well, still, that nasty Vladimir Putin should pick on a country his own size, right? He’s just a big bully trying to expand Mother Russia ‘cuz he has nukes—so you better just fold, or he’ll continue taking over the entire world!

Or not?

Well, the above scenario is certainly what the criminal Biden regime wants you to believe. As a matter of fact, they want you to believe that if we don’t continue giving them barrels full of money, the world will come to an end, and it’s our American duty to fund this war to protect democracy. We’ve even been threatened that if we cut off the flow of cash to that little juiced-up dictator, they’ll have to start sending our sons and daughters over there to fight the evil Russkies. That’s right—South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham, and the rest of the geriatric uniparty cronies who don’t have fighting-aged children to lose, are actually using this as leverage to scare us into supporting those ginormous spending bills so they can continue laundering their dirty dollars through the Ukraine puppet government. But of course, that’s just a conspiracy…

Or is it?

One America News Network recently put out an extremely riveting and concise fact-based video that paints a completely different picture of everything the mainstream media has been reporting since the war began. Shocking, right? Let’s examine the ten claims of this report from Pearson Sharp.

  1. Ukraine is the Deep State.

Ukraine is no longer a country anymore. It’s been bought and sold by the west, for the west, and Zelinsky is a puppet doing the bidding for his Western masters.

  1. President Zelensky is NOT the Leader, he’s an actor hired to play a part.

His role is to facilitate Washington to use Ukraine as its own money-laundering piggy bank and bio-weapons playground.

  1. The biological and chemical weapons facilities that the mainstream media won’t talk about are real. 

There is evidence that these facilities were instrumental in cooking up Covid-19. Independent journalist Clandestine showed evidence that the operation started in 2005, with then Senator Barrack Obama visiting Ukraine to inspect Soviet former weapons facilities. In reality, the U.S. was taking control of these top-secret setups, complete with a fully stocked arsenal of the deadliest nuclear and chemical weapons on the planet.

  1. Top secret U.S. research has been carried out in these labs over the last 15 years.

This is how the Bidens were able to get their foot in the door with Hunter’s company, Metabiota, securing millions and operating in Ukraine.

  1. In 2014, Obama, the CIA and Victoria Nuland toppled the democratically elected government with a fake civil war.

A leaked phone call exposed Nuland plotting how Ukraine’s government should work.

  1. In 2022, Washington vehemently denied that there were any biolabs in Ukraine.

They actually mocked anyone as a dirty conspiracy theorist for questioning biolabs.

  1. Victoria Nuland finally cracks and admits there are “biological research centers” in Ukraine while being questioned by Marco Rubio.

She admits that they are working with Ukraine to prevent any of these “research materials” from falling into the hands of Russian forces.

  1. Russia has been warning that not only do these facilities exist, but they are producing bio-chemical weapons at the request of the Biden crime family.

Russia has amassed over 20,000 documents and reference materials confirming that the Pentagon aimed at creating a biological weapon and testing it on the population of Ukraine and other countries. (Could some of that info have been in that folder that Putin handed to Tucker at his interview?—asking for a friend.)

  1. The Department of Defense awarded $370,000 to biolabs in Ukraine for Covid19 research in November 2019.

That was three months before the World Health Organization officially named the Chinese virus Covid19.

  1. The very day the Russian-Ukraine conflict started, Zelensky ordered all of the documents relative to their biolabs and their ties to Hunter Biden to be destroyed.

The conclusion of this report shows that our tax dollars are not being sent to Ukraine to protect them from Russian aggression, but to fund the Deep State to develop bioweapons to enslave the American people and destroy our lives. Pearson Sharp ends his explosive segment with this:

“We’re financing our own destruction and being called traitors and unpatriotic when we resist. All of these agents of evil, Big Pharma, mainstream media, the Deep State, Washington, Zelensky and the WHO are all working together to cover up their crimes. Russia isn’t the villain here. Our own government is. Russia may have even had an obligation to fight back against the bio-terrorism America is apparently conducting. Until these criminals are brought to justice, more of our tax dollars will be spent on weapons destroying Ukraine. More innocent lives will be lost, and the United States will march ever closer to World War III.”

This is very controversial, but it’s difficult to deny plausibility when you consider all of the evidence presented.  One American News provided an excellent presentation and analysis, and we are thankful for their dedication and truthful reporting. It’s troublesome to fathom that our own government could be responsible for this when you’ve grown up believing we were “the good guys.” We need to Make America Great Again…it’s up to us to hold our government accountable before it’s too late.