We Will NOT Eat Bugs at Our Picnic

July is National Picnic Month, so there’s not a better time to talk about bugs. No–NOT the pesky ants that band together and walk away with a full watermelon (as depicted in old cartoons), but the bugs that Klaus Schwab and his villainous minions in the World Economic Forum, or WEF, are working to literally shove down our throats.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have been masked up in a city surrounded by a giant blue bubble, you have certainly heard Klaus’s famous statement “Let zem eat ze bugs!” Yes, it’s true! The WEF elites want to dine on the finest wagyu beef while the rest of us peasants chew on creepy crawlers to get our protein. And of course, they always start their deviousness with our children. Just look at these actual headlines:

“Switzerland Wants Children to Eat Less Chocolate, More Insects”

~ The Wall Street Journal

“Utah school gives kids 'disgusting' insects to eat in class for climate assignment on cows killing the Earth”

~ Fox News

“Mom added crickets to her baby's meal to replace other meats”

~ Insider

“Dutch Schools Offer Children Worms and Insects as 'Sustainable' Meat Replacement”

~ The European Conservative

“Students Had To Eat Bugs, Told It Was 'Only Right Answer' To Cows Destroying The Climate”

~ Cowboy State Daily

“Baby eats bugs: Mom whose daughter consumes crickets insists they're healthy and 'cheaper' than meat”

~ Yahoo News

You can see where this is going. YES–you guessed it–it’s all in the name of the leftist religion, climate change! According to this sacred doctrine, the methane gas released by farting cows will destroy the planet! Some countries are already planning on extinguishing their cattle to fight off this existential crisis. A recent article from Fox News stated, “Ireland officials are discussing a plan to cull around 200,000 cows in an effort to combat climate change, according to multiple reports, causing backlash from Irish farmers…In an effort to curb emissions from animals and livestock, other countries have also considered culling large numbers of animals to meet climate goals.”

So the thinking is, let’s destroy our perfectly healthy livestock, which God has populated our earth for our nourishment, and force the masses to eat insects. Oh how they love to play ‘God’! They even have their famous climate church members espousing the virtues of munching on millipedes. Apparently, Nicole Kidman is a huge fan of eating bugs. In an attempt to glamorize this cuisine, Vanity Fair’s Secret Talent Theater features an episode of Ms. Kidman delighting in multiple bug dishes starting with hornworms (still alive!) which she describes as “very moist and chewy.” Her next course is mealworms that have a ‘fruity’ taste, followed by crickets which she states “Like nothing you've ever tasted. Like a hairy nut.” She finishes up with her favorite dessert insect, fried grasshopper, which she ‘highly recommends.’

Ms. Kidman and the WEF elites promote that insects are a healthy way to get your protein, but are they really healthy? Well, when you do an online search, you can find numerous articles on how insects ARE a very healthy food source; however, when you dig through the propaganda, there are some real scientific concerns as to the safety of ingesting insects. The following information is from a recent article from Che Food Revolution, entitled “Edible insects and chitin: all you need to know about bugs” 

“...insects defined as edible can still create allergic symptoms, some very serious. Considering that some (flour moths, crickets and locusts) belong to the family of crustaceans allergies to the latter (shrimps, lobsters, etc.) are usually replicated for terrestrial insects as well; and the risk does not disappear with cooking” 

There is much debate going on about the safety of eating bugs, but do an online search and you will be inundated with articles that espouse the health benefits of noshing on these little buggers. You have to dig much deeper to learn about the potential health implications from chitin and the parasites carried by insects–so we encourage you to do so. And just because you can now choose from several brands of bug snacks on the internet, don’t dive in without doing your homework.

Of course, we at Mammoth Nation won’t be dining on any little creepy crawlers during National Picnic Month. We prefer sandwiches with turkey, beef or ham, and maybe some old-fashioned pbj’s for the little ones. Don’t forget, Mammoth Nation has some excellent merchants to help you fill your picnic baskets–from great wines and meat products to assorted accessories like blankets, baskets and games to take along for the whole family! And don’t forget your bug spray…NO BUGS ALLOWED!