Welcoming the “Death to America” Crowd to our Country

Welcoming the “Death to America” Crowd to Our Country

“Death to America,” you say? No problem. We love ALL of humanity, so, OF COURSE, you are welcome to live here. Uncle Joe’s got your back. Come on in…bring the kids…have a balloon!

Unfortunately, this is not satire—this is the true state of our country. We are inviting over the Palestinian refugees that even Pakistan will not allow in their country. As a matter of fact, the Biden Administration just released their plan for airlifting Gazan citizens to the U.S. The Boston Herald recently published an article on this very subject:

Under the plan, the US would admit an untold number of Palestinians from Gaza into the U.S. under the U.S. Refuge Admissions Program, something it has not done in the past to any extent.

Since its inception in 1980, only a few Palestinians have been resettled in the U.S. According to CBS, of the more than 400,000 refugees resettled in the U.S. in the last ten years, fewer than 600 were Palestinians.

Needless to say, the Palestinians trapped in Gaza, especially in the city of Rafah, are more than willing to come.

One way to get them out is to put them on planes and send them to the U.S., which is what Biden is proposing.

So, if the 7,300 percent increase in Chinese nationalists is not enough for you (not to mention the millions of other illegals crossing our border), now Biden is looking into airlifting potential Hamas terrorists into our nation when no other countries are willing to take them in. If it’s not yet obvious that this is just another intentional tactic to destroy our country, perhaps this will wake up even some of the truth-resistant lefties who have been sleeping through the last few years. (We can only hope!)

Pro Hamas Welcome Wagon

And why wouldn’t the Palestinian refugees want a free ride over to what used to be the “free” country of the U.S.A.? With the many pro-Hamas protesters at colleges and universities across the country, they will feel right at home. They can even join in with their college sisters and brothers chanting “Death to America” while they’re actually IN America! 

And, with the very generous Biden administration offering them free housing, medical care, and spending money (using U.S. taxpayers hard-earned money), it’s like winning the lottery! They step into a country that provides more care for them than their own citizens and homeless war veterans. 

Is Anyone Pushing Back on This Disastrous Idea?

Can you imagine any other country inviting terrorists who hate their country into their country at mega scale? Would China welcome a million anti-communist activists into their motherland? Would Iran open the floodgates for crowds of anti-Muslim protesters? Why does the current administration keep opening the door to allow in anti-U.S. sentiment? And isn’t there anyone in Congress who has common sense and is fighting this insane policy? 

Thankfully, Congressman Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, along with leading Republican Reps. Andy Ogles, Tom Tiffany, and a coalition of Senate Republicans are doing just that. 

In a decisive move, these House Republicans have penned a letter to House Appropriators demanding that the upcoming Fiscal Year 2025 spending bill include a provision to prohibit the use of funds for issuing visas or parole to individuals holding passports issued by the Palestinian Authority. 

This step is a clear attempt to legislatively anchor their security concerns and policy priorities.

The Republicans’ argument hinges on the assertion that the U.S. should not bear the responsibility for the world’s migratory challenges, particularly from regions fraught with security risks. 

In their letter, the Republican lawmakers write, “Whatever fanciful leftist notion to the contrary, the United States of America cannot be expected to absorb the rest of the world’s problems.“

Hallelujah! So, there are still Republicans who prioritize the American people’s interests first. (Aren’t they ALL supposed to do that?) Well, we do appreciate the efforts of those fighting for us, but we need all Republicans to stand together on this issue before it’s too late. So everyone who reads this should contact their local representatives and let them know this is not ok. 

Will the Latest Ceasefire Talks Work?

As in any military conflict, the hope and prayer is to stop the killing and negotiate for a peaceful agreement to which both parties can be satisfied. This is always the goal, but it is never easy, so even discussing a temporary ceasefire provides hope to quell the violence and gain advancement toward peace. It is a starting point.

This is hot off the press from the Associated Press

Hamas’s abrupt acceptance of the cease-fire deal came hours after Israel ordered an evacuation of Palestinians from eastern neighborhoods of Rafah, signaling an invasion was imminent.

Netanyahu’s office said that the proposal Hamas accepted was “far from Israel’s essential demands,” but that it would nonetheless send negotiators to continue talks on a deal.

Joe Biden has been in discussions with Benjamin Netanyahu about his concerns about an invasion of Rafah, and he believes a cease-fire would be the best way to protect the remaining Israeli hostages. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is pressing Hamas to take the deal. However, Hamas is demanding complete Israeli withdrawal for the release of the hostages. To which Netanyahu responded that Rafah is the last significant Hamas stronghold in Gaza and that this offensive against the town is vital to ensuring the militants can’t rebuild their military capabilities.

The Israeli-Palestinian clash is nothing new—it’s been going on for decades. This is a highly inflammatory situation and is changing by the minute, so nothing is certain. As much as a cease-fire provides hope, the situation can go south in a heartbeat. That’s why we need to ensure we have policies in place that protect us from inviting potential terrorists who openly hate America into our homeland. As patriots, we need to stay informed and actively reach out to our governing representatives to make sure they are on the right side of history, which means they should be fighting for the American people.  

Many have said that the year 2024 will be extremely difficult, and this is proving to be true. We are warned that it will get worse before it gets better, so we all need to buckle up for the storm. Just remember, light breaks through darkness, and we all know who wins in the end. Keep the faith and remember your inalienable rights come from our Creator—that includes the right to stand up to tyranny.