WHO’s the Boss? – World Health Organization Wants World Domination

You might be old enough to remember when “The Who” was a 70’s rock band with classic hits like Baba O’Riley and Won’t Get Fooled Again. They were all about ‘sticking it to the man’ and rebelling against societal authoritarianism—like most true rock’ n roll bands in that era.  Who could ever have imagined that in the year 2024, the WHO would now be the name of a totalitarian cabal that wants to strip away humanity’s most basic rights under the guise of the “World Health Organization”? 

Who is the WHO?

According to their website, “WHO is the United Nations agency (founded in 1948) that connects nations, partners and people to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable – so everyone, everywhere can attain the highest level of health.” Wow! Sounds like these are some high-level do-gooders monitoring the health and well-being of the entire world population. The site goes on to reveal that the WHO “leads global efforts to expand universal health coverage.”  Apparently, they direct and coordinate the world’s response to health emergencies. There’s a lot of talk about how they create healthier lives – from cradle to grave, and also insight as to their ambitious plans for the world to achieve good health for all (wait for it) “using science-based policies and programs.” They sound a lot like Dr. Anthony Fauci—you remember, little guy with a huge ego and Brooklyn accent who always ‘follows the science.’

But when you dig a little deeper, you find out that the World Health Organization (WHO) is actually a supranational United Nations agency that is effectively controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). You read that correctly. The Sovereignty Coalition is warning us that the WHO is a much more nefarious organization with intentions to rule over the entire planet in their effort to keep us safe. And the Biden administration is all in! They are ready to hand over the fate of U.S. citizens to these unelected megalomaniacs, allowing them power to deprive us of our constitutional rights. This means that the WHO’s Director-General (Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus) may deem anything (gun violence, climate change, even “disinformation”) to be causing so-called public health emergencies, giving them authority over every aspect of human life.

“What the WHO has euphemistically dubbed its “One Health” approach enables it to take animals, plants and the environment under its jurisdiction. Doing so would give it authority over every aspect of life, under the guise of a potential public health emergency.

Other provisions of the proposed instruments would directly interfere with the patient-physician relationship by dictating the way physicians diagnose and treat individuals in their care. The WHO would have the authority to require medical examinations and proof of mandated vaccinations in the form of a digital “vaccine passport.” It could require governments and physicians to implement contact tracing, quarantine, and specific treatments, including forced vaccination. And through a system of “Global Health Certificates,” the World Health Organization seeks to institute a system of digital documentation, including certificates for tests, vaccinations, other prescribed preventative measures, recovery and even travel.”

They want to have complete control over every aspect of our lives that they deem advantageous to its CCP-influenced interests. This is a fight we cannot lose!

So, you can see where this is going. This is why the globalists are trying so desperately to launch a form of digital health IDs, which they will be able to control all of our actions by tying in with the global central bank digital currencies. When this happens, the WHO could enforce its medical tyranny by severing unvaccinated individuals from their bank accounts and credit cards.


This is why the American Sovereignty Coalition has launched a declaration for America to Exit the WHO (#ExitTheWho). Anyone can go to the website and sign. You just fill in your information and your state representative pops up where you can approve an already populated email to be sent directly to him or her. It even provides a phone number if you want to call and speak with someone directly.

We must act immediately. A new deadline to stop the US from signing away US Sovereignty fast approaches, less than two weeks away. The global monsters are in Davos, Switzerland this week, pushing their baseless propaganda on a host of subjects with the main focus on climate change. But there is good news. Strong, brave leaders like Argentina’s new president, Javier Milei, are standing up and pushing back right in their smug, evil faces! Check out his speech that just broke the internet (it’s about 20 min. long)!

Heritage Foundation President, Kevin Roberts, demolishes the WHO, CCP and WEF “elite” with incredibly powerful truth bombs delivered in a respectful, but oh-so-deadly bravura—a truly exhilarating display of brilliance and common sense that obliterates their ridiculous narrative. This is a MUST-SEE three-minute video!

This is a pivotal time in the history of our planet. And a moment that, if we don’t act, we can literally lose our God-given freedoms that our country was founded on. It may start with what may appear innocuous and a way to keep us safe from disease and illness. But when you learn the true goals of these global organizations, you understand their end game. Don’t ever forget about the lies and horrific losses during COVID. That was the test on how much authority we would willingly give up in the name of ‘being safe.’ We need to remember that classic song from the rock band, The Who, and sing along passionately, “…we won’t get fooled again”!