You Might Be a Christian Nationalist If…

Remember the old routine from comedian Jeff Foxworthy?  “You might be a redneck if…” He would then share some funny examples like:

“You might be a redneck if the UFO hotline limits you to one call a day.”

“You might be a redneck if on your first date, you had to ask your dad to borrow the keys to the tractor.”

“If your idea of a 7-course meal is a bucket of KFC and a sixpack, you might be a redneck.”

Well, guess what! You just might be a “Christian Nationalist” if you value your faith and love your country. Every Christian in America should bear that moniker with pride. The whole constitution was built on Judeo-Christian values, which is why the U.S. has been so successful, and the envy of the rest of the world.  (Why do so many illegal immigrants want to come here?)

How Did the Label “Christian Nationalist” Originate?

Tucker Carlson recently interviewed Doug Wilson, Pastor at Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho. He is also an author; his books include Mere Christendom: The Case for Bringing Christianity Back into Modern Culture. When asked about the term “Christian Nationalist,” Pastor Wilson explained how the term came to be. He stated that Cannon Plus had published a piece called “The Case for Christian Nationalism” by Stephen Wolf. Subsequently, one of the brilliant talking heads at MSNBC stated that “Anybody who believes that rights come from God and not from Congress and not from the Supreme Court is a Christian nationalist.” Pastor Wilson explains,

“If there is no God above the state, the state is God. The state becomes God, and it assumes the prerogatives of deity. Try, you know, cameras at every intersection, aping omniscience; omnipresence. In Big Brothers, watching you…control of the mind.”

We encourage our readers to watch the entire segment—it is incredibly insightful, facing hard truths about this dystopian era we are currently living in. But Pastor Wilson also provides hope and a pathway forward.

Essentially, the Left is using the term “Christian nationalist” as a new euphemism for “white supremacist,” which is quite rich when you consider that 79% of African Americans are Christian, according to Pew Research Center.

Nearly eight-in-ten black Americans (79%) identify as Christian, according to Pew Research Center’s 2014 Religious Landscape Study. By comparison, seven-in-ten Americans overall (71%) say they are Christian, including 70% of whites, 77% of Latinos, and just 34% of Asian Americans.

A more recent study conducted by PRRI shows the religious landscape in 2020:

Seven in ten Americans (70%) identify as Christian, including more than four in ten who identify as white Christian and more than one-quarter who identify as Christians of color. Nearly one in four Americans (23%) are religiously unaffiliated, and 5% identify with non-Christian religions.

So, we know Christianity numbers are declining across most demographics; however, Christianity is still the most dominant religion in the U.S. As of 2020, 70% of our population identifiy as Christian. So, when you consider 43% are white Americans, that means there’s another 27% of Christians who are people of color. 

If any of these 27% of Christians of color love their country, would they also be labeled “Christian nationalists?” 

How The Left Weaponizes Language

This is just one example of the ‘fun with language’ game the Left loves to play. They have truly refined the skill of using language to achieve their political goals. But this is nothing new. There are many examples throughout our history of how language has been manipulated to gain political advantage. 

Boston University Professor, Joel Brown, shares the following analysis on language in his article, In War, Words Matter. A Lot. He states,

“A practice involves a set of roles, such as victim, perpetrator, hero, and savior, along with actions that take place among these roles, as well as moral judgments. An example that has been discussed is the use of the words “cockroach” and “snake” by the Hutus to describe the Tutsis prior to the Rwandan genocide. In this case, there was quite a specific practice that was associated with the particular choice of dehumanizing language. The Nazis used equally revolting dehumanizing language against the Jews in World War II.”

So, the left uses the term “Christian nationalist” in a negative form, as a moral judgment that if you are Christian and you love your country you must be selfish and non-inclusive of others, which is the antithesis of Christianity. Christianity is a religion of love and acceptance and forgiveness. Every man, woman and child is created in God’s image, and therefore, deserving of Christ’s love and mercy. But, that does not mean we are expected to celebrate opposing viewpoints and ungodly practices. Love the sinner, not the sin. That is how the Left inverts the truth.

True Christians will help anyone in need, but they won’t praise or adopt a lifestyle that is incongruent with their beliefs. Most Christians seek truth, and as such, should not go along with the propaganda and lies of the Left—even in subtle maneuverings of vocabulary that appear innocuous, but are designed to separate and divide. They shouldn’t go along with playing the pronoun game and other word salads that are really soft weapons to usher in the Marxist agenda under the guise of inclusivity. The term “hate speech” itself seems to give them the right to determine what can and can’t be said. So, by merely agreeing with the 1st Amendment, you could get labeled as a “right-wing extremist,” and become ostracized and deplatformed.

See how that works? We all know Satan is the king of deceit. It almost seems like the Left has taken his playbook and are amping up the deception to “eleven” to help turn our country into chaos, which is what is needed to set the stage for The Great Reset or the one-world government plan of the globalist elites. Don’t fall for their linguistic tricks and symbolic rhetoric. Now, more than ever, put on the armor of God and don’t be afraid to defend the truth.

You just might be a Christian Nationalist if you have an American flag hanging in front of your house and go to church on Sundays!