Mammoth Nation Values and Ethics Statement

Mammoth is committed to partnering with companies that are devoted to defending traditional values, patriotism and our constitutional freedoms. Please confirm Company's support for the following Values and Ethics statements by checking the "Agree" box below:

  1. Border Security: We support the protection of America from illegal immigrants, drug and sex traffickers, and terrorists entering our country.
  2. The Constitution of the United States as a whole and in particular: 1. The First Amendment: We support the freedom of religion, speech and press, and the right to assemble peacefully for every American; and 2. The Second Amendment: We support our constitutional right to bear arms and protect ourselves, our property and our loved ones.
  3. Law Enforcement & First Responders: We support the brave men and women of all law enforcement agencies and all first responders.
  4. Active Military and Veterans: We support Americans who actively serve in all branches of the military, as well as the veterans who came before them.
  5. The Sanctity of Life: We believe that no person should be denied the right to life, including the unborn.
  6. Product Sourcing: We will source and manufacture Company products in the USA as much as possible.