Partner Submission Portal


Mammoth Nation welcomes American owned companies offering products or services that are in high-demand and relevant to our members.

Please read the following carefully so we can expedite your request in a timely manner:

1. Your product or service must be accessible to a nationwide audience and/or capable of nationwide delivery via your own e-commerce website (NOT linking to Etsy or Amazon, etc).
2. Your company must have the capability to offer member discounts via a trackable discount code or web link.
3. Make sure to provide a clickable company website. Requests without a working web address will greatly delay the process.
4. Be as brief as possible but informative in your company overview.
5. Due to the number of vendors currently on our site in the following categories, we are currently
NOT ACCEPTING the following companies: CBD, Vitamins & Supplements, Skincare brands including Goat Farms, Coffee, Political T-Shirts, Woodworking, Laser Engraving, Custom Sign Making, Candle Makers, Homemade Crafts & Sewing, Spices, BBQ Sauces, and Hot Sauces.

Complete the information below for our review and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Please be patient. We’re growing rapidly and working as fast as we can.

Thank you for your interest in America’s Conservative Marketplace!

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