AC Meds Drain Line Cleaner

High-Performing AC Drain Line Cleaner

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AC Drain Line Cleaning Unit

Discounts on high-performing AC line cleaner from AC Meds Drain Line Cleaner!

The benefits of having AC Meds Drain Line Cleaner:

1. Cheap insurance that keeps your AC system up and running.

2. You won't have the experience of no AC in the summer and waiting days for the AC guy to show up.

3. You'll never have to go into the hot attic to treat your system.

This is the only automatic AC drain line cleaner available on the market. This system can be mounted in the attic, laundry room, downstairs, or garage—basically, anywhere you have the ability to run the hose. Our system runs off one 9-volt battery that should last about 1 year. The reservoir holds a 6 month supply of cleaning solution. This dispenser will automatically send about 5 ounces of solution every month without having to touch it. It comes with a custom adapter plug that will fit right into the drain line fill pipe. Installation is quick and easy.