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American Farm Company


American Farm Company designs farm apparrel made for American Farmers by American farmers, farmers wives and families. Quality farm apparel made 100% in the USA!

quality american made farm apparel American Farm Company is a farm-family owned company from the heart of the midwest. Founded by a cattle-feeder's wife and farm mom — we know what farm life is really about! We strive to create designs and apparel that speak directly to our farming and ranching customers.

We represent all of the hard-working, God-fearing, America-loving farmers all over the USA! We believe that to be an American Farmer is to truly like the American Dream.
quality american made farm apparel
We have a variety of apparel options for the farmers, farmer's wives, and even the farm kids. We design and print all of our shirts in our rural small town of Hospers, Iowa - and every employee has strong ties to farming and agriculture, from farmer's daughters to wives and even granddaughters! Every purchase made goes directly to supporting many farm families here in the midwest!

If you're committed to only purchasing items made in the USA - we've got you covered! We have a growing line of clothing that is made 100% in the USA - all the way down to the cotton grown right here on American Soil!

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