American Scriptures

American Scriptures

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American Scriptures


In 1942, master lithographer Theodore Ohman created his “Authentic Restoration of The Declaration of Independence”. In essence, he recreated the Declaration as to how it looked when it was signed. In 1953, he created an astonishing replica of The U.S. Constitution. Together, they are regarded as the most beautiful replicas of our nation’s founding documents ever produced. Now you can own lithographic reprints of these masterpieces. There’s no better way to show your patriotic spirit than to hang a set of Ohman prints in a prominent place for all to see.

Don’t hesitate. The time is now to reinforce the very documents that define America and set us apart from every other country in the world.

The top three reasons to hang a set of Ohman prints in your home:

• They are exquisite works of art.
• They make the statement that you believe in the American way of life.
• They teach your children to understand and appreciate the significance of The Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution.

Our nation’s founding documents are under attack. It’s time we stand up and fight back. Purchase a set of Ohman lithographs today and let the world know that America is and always will be the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

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