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iPad/Table Pouch - Nurse's Tablet Pouch - Cocktail Apron - Bib Apron - Bistro Apron
High-quality aprons and tablet pouches for service workers from Aprons by DeLawn!

My Grandpa Henry farmed 1200+ acres in southeast Colorado. He was a good man, strong and tough. Farming was his life. Every piece of equipment he owned was the strongest and toughest he could buy. Not the most expensive, just the best. He told me, "No one ever regrets buying quality."

When I started my new waitress job at a high-end seafood restaurant, they gave me an old, worn-out apron. "I can make something better than this," I said to myself. When my co-workers saw my new apron, they all wanted one. Then the company began ordering them from me. That was in 1987.

For almost 4 decades, Grandpa's words and work ethic have guided our work. Our aprons and tablet pouches are the best-made and most-loved in the world. If your job requires you to carry more things than your hands can hold, then we've got an apron or pouch for you. Our tablet pouches are the perfect accessory for anyone who carries a handheld electronic device for work: servers, healthcare, retail, customer service, or line-busting.

  • Single Pocket pouch fits full-sized iPad. (10" tablet)
  • 4 Pocket Pouch with a secret 5th pocket fits the iPad mini tablets.
  • 5 Pocket Pouch fits full-sized iPad. (10" tablet)
  • Large 6 Pocket Pouch with denim pocket, fits MacBook Air.

All pouches come with a web belt and clip. Adjustable shoulder sling is also available.

Made with pride in Phoenix, Arizona, since 1987.