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B&D Texas Goodies

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B&D Texas Goodies


The Lay girls, Becky and Dina, are the B and D in B & D Texas Goodies. We are six-generation Texans that love our rich family history and are excited to share some of our old and new family recipes! Some have been passed down from generation to generation.

On the Bryan-Lay side, our great-grandmother “Mama” Bryan would sell her pies to the truckers and others when they would stop by the cafe in town, Valley Mills, Texas. We still use her pie crust recipe today.

On the Jeter-Pope side, our great-grandfather A.J. Jeter had a dairy farm and was the first farmer in Hunt County, Texas, to have milking machines. A.J.’s wife, Eliza, passed away in 1929 when Marlyn was 15 years old, making her the family's matriarch. Having an overabundance of dairy products, our grandmother Marlyn “MamMa” had to be creative, coming up with delicious ways to utilize milk, cream, and butter. Everyone knows butter and Cream make everything better! We still use her banana pudding recipe today.

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