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Home Schooling & Diabetes Guidance Books - Coaching Sessions - Apparel

Be You Only Better was born on the fundamentals of free thinking and free speech. A conservative-owned company founded by patriot voice Laura Kronen, BE YOU ONLY BETTER believes that in our current climate, homeschooling is the only option to save our children from political indoctrination and twisted liberal agendas. Homeschool Happily, Yes, You Can! by author and homeschool expert Laura Kronen, provides you with everything you need to know to homeschool your children successfully. Teach your children HOW to think, not WHAT to think, with this straightforward, how-to-homeschool handbook that will guide you the entire way. Provide the type of education you want for your children, not the absurdity that is being force-fed daily to them in the public school system.

Other books under the Be You Only Better umbrella include Too Sweet: The Not-So-Serious Side to Diabetes. Are you sick of all the doom, gloom, and misery in the world? This light-hearted look at living with diabetes is the perfect anecdote to that. Having a positive approach to diabetes and to life is the Be You Only Better way.

Plus, there's merch to go with it all! T-shirts, hats, cups and stickers. All are guaranteed to make you laugh or be a conversation starter.

As the core of her business, Laura Kronen offers life coaching services - specializing in entrepreneurial ventures, confidence building, diabetes management, and homeschooling. Consultations are free and coaching sessions can be purchased individually or as a package. Whether you need someone to vent to or you have a specific goal in mind, Laura is not your typical life coach. She's a strong conservative with Christian values and a solid backbone. Laura partners with you in attaining the fulfillment you desire and deserve in your life. You will quickly identify goals and take action steps to achieve them, all while being held accountable on a daily basis. Carpe Diem! Are you ready?

Laura is a mom of two, an entrepreneur, a podcast guest, a speaker, an influential activist on social media, a lover of our Constitution, and an inspiring leader in the conservative movement.