Best Baby Bib

Keep Baby Clean With The Best Baby Bib

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The Best Baby Bib

Keep baby clean with the high-quality Best Baby Bib!

The Best Baby Bib is a food-catching bib that keeps food out of the seat, grubby hands off clothing and contains the mess at meal time. This feeding bib is easy to apply, wipes or rinses clean at the sink, and is quick-drying, so it's reusable all day, every day.

Features of the Best Baby Bib that make it the BEST:

  • The quality and durability of The Best Baby Bib are second to none! All sourced materials and manufacturing within the USA! The Best Baby Bib will last for YEARS and through multiple babies
  • The Best Baby Bib is the perfect fit for babies 6 months all the way up to 3 years (and some children beyond that)! The adjustable neck provides a snug fit to keep the shirt collar clean!
  • No sleeves mean no wrestling to get the bib on the baby and no excess fabric causing a distraction or a bigger mess. If baby wears long sleeves during a messy meal, roll them up!
  • You only need ONE! Reusable all day, every day! Rinse it, wipe it or shake it out in the sink and it's ready for the next meal! Machine wash as needed (typically weekly).

"It is important for babies to learn to self-feed and independently explore textures of their foods with their hands and mouth. As a new parent, I didn't realize how MESSY it can get!" Breah Chambers, APRN (owner and inventor of The Best Baby Bib). "I came up with the Best Baby Bib when my first baby was 9 months old. And when he was just shy of 2 years old, I had twins! I was really thankful that I already had one Best Baby Bib! That's when I made a second one and just knew I couldn't keep this product to myself!"

The Best Baby Bib was invented in Shawnee, KS, in 2018 and produced by Breah Chambers in her basement until the Best Baby Bib, LLC was started in early 2020. Covid created a slow rollout, but after finding manufacturing, the product has made its way into the hands of many busy parents and has changed the meal-time game for all of them! The company is now focused on spreading the word about its stress-reducing product to the local Kansas City metro area with larger goals of funding a not-for-profit assisting Kansas foster children to start businesses of their own as they phase out of the foster system.

Reduce laundry, save time and STRESS LESS about the Mess! No more cleaning the high chair seat, no more cereal butts, no more multiple bibs per day to wash, no stain-covered clothing, and less mess on the floor. One Best Baby Bib is all you need! Get your Best Baby Bib today so you can Stress Less About the Mess!