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Hand crafted outdoor gear from family owned Campcraft Outdoors!

At Campcraft Outdoors, we're inspired by the golden age of camping and woodcraft. The 1840s through the 1970s represent a unique time in American history when warriors returned home from the various theatres of battle to reflect and heal in the wild spaces of their homeland. This recreation spurred innovation, creating the outdoor industry we enjoy today.
Hand crafted outdoor gear from family owned Campcraft Outdoors
As a family-owned small business, we've taken what we've learned from these outdoor innovators and applied it to the gear we manufacture. We use strong materials, keep things as light as possible, and multi-functional. We also handcraft every piece of equipment, be it a hand-waxed bag or hand-forged knife; someone has put a bit of themselves into each of our unique products.

We create because we can, we make because we enjoy it, and our only competition is ourselves. We do it the old-fashioned way, not because it's easy, but because it works.

Campcraft Outdoors, Ruggedly Independent.

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