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Quality stylish clothes at a discount from Classy Cozy Cool Online Boutique!

Classy Cozy Cool is a small family-owned online boutique that takes pride in sourcing women’s contemporary fashion clothing from companies that find value in manufacturing in the United States. As a growing company, our ultimate mission is to become a one-stop shop for women to update their seasonal wardrobe with items made in the U.S.A. With a growing demand for online shopping, it is increasingly difficult for consumers to know where the products are manufactured. Generally, if a product does not specify where it was manufactured, it’s likely not made in the United States.

Classy Cozy Cool always welcomes feedback from our customers. We strive to provide clothing for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. We encourage customers to tell us what they would like to see in our boutique. We will try to find a U.S. manufacturer who makes the item to add to our collections. Unfortunately, there are many styles, fabrics and designs that are not currently manufactured in the United States. As demand for U.S.A. manufactured apparel increases, so will the options. This is the heart of Classy Cozy Cool.

We want to show consumers that it is possible to find quality reasonably priced clothing made in the United States of America, so they will begin to demand it.