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Books on Wholeness, Parenting, Prayer, & Christian Living

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Books on wholeness, parenting, prayer, and Christian living, and military historical fiction (because sometimes you feel like reading about blowing things up).

Our culture needs Jesus and stories about heroes more than ever. So these books move our communities toward healing, wholeness, and righteousness: More white space in the chaos. More joy amid the mess. More hope and encouragement for the day (and days) ahead. More movement leads to breakthroughs and less spinning our wheels in frustration. Less destructive thoughts and patterns, more peace as we abide with Jesus — because He has the wisdom we need for the crazy seasons we’re in.

Copperlight Wood is where we live deep and wide, pursuing wholeness, personal growth, and Biblical values—owned by Vince and Shannon Guerra, authors, longtime homeschoolers, and parents of eight with significant experience in adoption and special needs.

We're here for you. In between loads of laundry, of course.