Cure Putters

Improving Your Putting Performance Simply By Increasing the MOI of Your Putter

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CX1, CX2 & CX3 Classic Series - TX1, TX2 & TX3 Tour Series - RX3, RX4 & RX5 Revolutionizing Performance Series - Shafts, Grips & Accessories

The goal was to create a more reliable, forgiving putter to reduce or eliminate several variables contributing to putting problems. Guided by the principle "Form Follows Function," attributes EVERY golfer would benefit from.

The major putter companies continue to claim increased stability from a variety of design characteristics but insist that the actual MOI resulting from their design innovations is proprietary information. The advent of putting launch monitors will bring this dissembling to an end eventually.

No one knew that a 50% improvement in Face Angle Variation was even possible until the high MOI Cure Putters were tested...

We created the most accurate putter in the game.

Higher MOI
Increased stability, forgiveness and distance control - Achieved by larger face, lightweight aircraft aluminum with extreme perimeter weighting allowing for dramatically higher MOI, at any weight setting weight.

Adjustable Weight
Wider range of weight, from standard to very heavy, allowing you to dial in the perfect feel to suit your stroke and timing, with MOI increasing as weight is added - Achieved by developing a proprietary weight system that allows multiple weight combinations at the heel and toe.

Adjustable Lie Angle & Interchangeable Shafts
The ability to custom fit any golfer, tall, short, left or right-handed in minutes with standard, mid-length, or belly putter - Achieved by proprietary, rotating shaft disc assembly and removable, interchangeable shafts.

Better Roll
Eliminate backspin and get the ball rolling sooner to stay on the intended line - Achieved by a higher center of gravity, lower loft, and deeper face that impacts the ball at the equator.