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Earthen Rare Jewelry

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Fine handmade jewelry made entirely of natural media from Earthen Rare Jewelry!!!

Hand made jewelry in a variety of media from Earthen Rare Jewelry Earthen Rare Jewelry has an earthy, natural, rustic flavor, making a very organic statement. Comprised of an array of natural media including, but not limited to, leather, wood, clay, bone, hemp, silk, minerals, metals, and antique Trade Beads. I describe my jewelry as "Hippie-Gypsy" with a splash of the American Southwest. My fascination with the beauty and the history of Trade Beads has led to my collecting these truly ancient treasures. The oldest beads in my collection are "Roman Glass Beads", Circa 200 BC. I incorporate them into my designs as well as a hand sculpted clay bead, inset with Turquoise, the signature to every item I create.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, I was drawn to the southwest, and have called Arizona my home for almost twenty years. Having made jewelry for myself since the age of thirteen, and wearing it daily, people began noticing it, and asking me, "Where did you get that?" Of course the answer being, "I made it". Hand made jewelry in a variety of media from Earthen Rare JewelryThus began the road to the "American Dream", doing Art Fairs, a Website, and ultimately my Brick & Mortar Studio. I have been designing and creating my work in Old Town Scottsdale for over ten years now. Every piece is hand made by myself, sometimes with the help of my husband, my biggest fan. My pieces may be similar but never exactly duplicated, each item is unique. Rarely do I create items with symmetry but rather designing as the spirit moves me. Having the opportunity to own and operate a small business in the greatest country in the world, is truly a dream come true.

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