Top-of-the-Line Non-Lethal Self-Defense Products

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Stun Guns - Pepper Spray - Mace - Self-Defense Keychains - Knives - Personal & Home Alarms - Hidden Cameras - Diversion Safes
At EGAE, we believe everyone has a right to feel safe and secure - which is why we provide top-of-the-line nonlethal self-defense products like stun guns, pepper spray, and personal alarms.

Our unique value proposition lies in offering peace of mind backed by our extensive selection of reliable, world-class products. We pledge to offer the highest quality goods that are sure to help empower customers with the protection they need.

Our mission statement at EGAE is to ensure individuals have the confidence and safety they deserve when out on their own or in dangerous situations. Through our exceptional customer service, wide product range and innovative technology solutions, our vision is to become a global leader in nonlethal self-defense products and services.