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Farmhouse Designs


Farmhouse Designs is a small business that I started in 2020. I really pushed things into high gear after getting furloughed to part-time at my job during the start of the lockdowns. I create all the designs and do the painting. My husband helps me do the woodworking while still managing his full-time job. This business allows me to stay at home with our young daughter during the day, so we don’t need to worry about someone else raising our child.

We create everything from personalized home décor to serving trays to cornhole boards. Custom pieces are always sent over digitally for you to approve or make changes before the start of production.

We are located about one hour south of Kansas City on a small farm. We raise chickens for meat and eggs and have a few beef cows. The state that America is in has really opened our eyes to the meaning of being self-sufficient while keeping our family values at the forefront of why we work so hard. We are freedom-loving Americans that love our country and are proud to be a part of Mammoth Nation.

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