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FitterLives Movement Membership - Apparel & Gear for Cycling Enthusiasts
A wide variety of fitness and lifestyle products from FiTTER and VZBL!

FiTTER™ and VZBL™ are unique lifestyle brands born in California, USA.

The brands are part of a broader community we call FitterLives™ –  LIVE YOUR FITNESS™.

In short, we strive to encourage more people to live healthier and happier lives through the prism of community-based fitness, nutrition, and knowledge. Those who use our products and join our community are supporting brands with a PURPOSE!

If you choose to LIVE YOUR FITNESS with us, please check our website and social media pages for great deals on QUALITY, AFFORDABLE, and SERVICE-BASED products of different kinds.

We are slowly expanding our portfolio, and we welcome any collaborative ideas or recommendations you might add value to the community as we strive to MAKE AMERICA MOVE AGAIN™.

If you are a cyclist and a STRAVA member, please join our STRAVA Club to become a member of our growing community and receive special deals on products and services.

Thank you in advance, and see you out there while we all LIVE OUR FITNESS together!