Geertsen Clothing Co.

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Boneless Pads - Skate Bags - Pants & Shorts - T-Shirts - Jackets & Hoodies - Hats & Beanies
We are proud to be entering our 30th year in business. Providing clothing and protective padding made for skaters and the skateboard lifestyles. Our products are made in America with USA-sourced materials, with a focus on the quality of our work. Our clothing, bags and pads are made by skaters for skateboarders.

Our utility duffle skate bags are built with a unique ventilation system to air out your equipment after a hard skate session. They are easy to tote your gear back and forth to the skatepark. Our shorts and pants are made to hold up to aggressive wear and tear with comfort and quality in mind. Most of our customers are repeat customers, including many legendary professional skateboarders.