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I resigned from the Federal Bureau of Investigation after 14 years as a Special Agent because I realized the greatest threat to our children comes from the lies pushed on them by once-trusted sources. After 19 years in law enforcement, the Lord called me in a new direction, and as a Christian, husband, father, and pastor, I realized creating a safe place for kids, GoodTube Kids, was my new mission. Unfortunately, parents don't often realize just how dangerous the digital realm truly is!

If you want to see what is being pushed onto your children, visit our website to download the free e-book - Poisoned Candy. GoodTube Kids is the Solution! An all-new platform for youth, where for just $10 a month, youth can explore entertaining and educational content about careers, hobbies, adventures, science, art, and more!

Parents never have to worry, knowing our content is anchored in the truth and goodness of the Christian Faith and reinforces traditional, conservative values!