HoneyDo Hanger

The Economical & Efficient Way to Adjust a Picture Frame

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Picture Frame/Art Hanger Products

Easily hang wire backed framed pictures level and at the right height the first time with The HoneyDo Adjustable Picture Hanger!

Hang’em Level!

Whether you are a professional picture hanger or a DIY handyman, we have the unique adjustable picture frame hanger you are looking for. A must for any picture frame hanging project. Picture frames with wire hangers are always a problem to adjust their height.


The HoneyDo® infinitely adjustable picture frame hanger allows for adjustment of the height of picture frames without ever having to create a number of holes in your wall. Take picture frame hanging to a new level. Send us a picture of your finished project and feedback on how the HoneyDo® Hangers worked for you. Your work could be in our next gallery show!


The patent pending HoneyDo® adjustable picture frame hanger was developed by the inventor out of frustration when trying to hang 4 wire-backed picture frames across a wall at the exact same height. The wires are never precise and cause a great deal of grief when precision picture frame hanging height is required.

The ECONOMICAL and efficient way to adjust a picture frame's height without removing fasteners already attached to a wall.