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Jake's General Store

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This website launched in ~2001 to sell General Lee Decal kits and front Push Bars for the General Lee, hence the jakesGENERALstore name. From there, four General Lee Replicas were built, and even a Roscoe P. Coltrain squad car, including the restoration of Jake's first car into a General Lee.

Jake dove into the Mopar muscle car hobby building, buying and selling parts and cars. The hobby turned into hunting barn finds and field finds, as told on the subsequent pages of his website. The shop produced over 20 restorations of varying degrees. Be sure to visit Jake's Cars page and read the articles on the Blog.

These old car restorations are funded with various cool-car-guy man cave retro gasoline signs. We offer gasoline round metal automotive retro signs measuring 2 feet in diameter, 18 gauge, and 3mm in thickness. The material is aluminum composite which is very durable and ridged! These garage signs have been reproduced and are perfect for your garage, home office, or anywhere your wife lets you put it in the house. Mount it to your shop or garage wall and create your very own nostalgic mancave ambiance. Best of all, the signs are MADE IN THE USA!

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