Woodwork Reflecting a Passion for Freedom, America & Joy!

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America Flags & Wooden Items - Iva Lee Jewelry Creations - Apparel
High-quality woodworking that reflects our passion for freedom, America and joy, American Made by Joyency!

About Us
We are a small family business of three, my wife and I do the creative, and our cool dude with autism helps package orders. We welcome your orders and hope that you love what we are doing! If you don’t like sarcasm, tailgating/camping, or positivity, we are probably not the right fit for you. Don’t worry; it’s not us, it’s you. We build most wooden orders as they come in, so please be patient with us. As a small family-owned business, we are very thankful for your order.

We Make
We make high-quality products that reflect our passion for freedom, America, and joy. Look for our hand-carved waving flags, wooden crosses, or top-notch 2A permits. If you want to embellish yourself, we have high-quality shirts, and our Iva Lee Jewelry line is full of funky and fun pieces.

We Believe
In America
It is the Bill of Rights, NOT the Bill of Feelings
In all the amendments, ALL of them
That censoring speech is not cool and doesn’t make you right
That if you work hard, you can make it
That ALL people have a purpose
That we are not victims
Complaining is not a solution
That laughter IS tied with whiskey as the best medicine
Sarcasm is a necessary tool to point out absurdities
That being joyful is awesome
Serving your community is valuable
Faith is important
Freedom is not something you have to earn, but it is ingrained in your personhood.