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Outdoor Cookware - Camping Gear

The first Kelly Kettle dates back to the 1890s and was invented by a couple of Irish fishermen. The Kelly family has kept the tradition alive of having a good hot drink and warm food in the outdoors.

Rocket Stove or Volcano Stove - The Kelly Kettle is designed to be a rocket stove or volcano stove, boiling water ultra fast using natural fuel like sticks, grass and twigs. It works in all outdoor conditions and all elevations. This volcano stove is built like a chimney and is hollow in the middle. On the outside of this chimney is a double-walled chamber where your water "secretly" goes. With the water dispersed with all that surface area in the chimney, your water boils ultra-fast with very little fuel.

Cook with your Kelly Kettle - It cooks fast as well. Not only does the kettle boil water fast, but you can use the same fire that is boiling your water to cook a small meal, like soup or an egg.

3 Different Sizes - There are 3 different sizes of kettles depending on your needs. Small - for backpacking and hiking trips, Medium - for 2-3 person trips, Large - Family or Basecamp excursions. The kits are the best way to get everything Kelly Kettle offers.

Camping Gear - We even have a line of waterproof tents, sleeping bags, tarps and backpacks!

Whether you are looking to spend a few days in the outdoors camping or in an emergency survival situation, the Kelly Kettle is the most reliable, fuel-efficient and fastest way to get hot water and cook food.