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Avocados - Persimmons - Grapefruit - Oranges - Dragon Fruit
Three years ago, my wife and I embarked on a daring adventure, purchasing a farm in Fallbrook, California with nothing but faith as our guide. The mix of fear and excitement fueled our journey into the unknown. Our farm, named Kisling Farms, boasts an array of treasures—avocados, dragon fruit, oranges, persimmons, and other delectable fruits that color our days with vibrancy.

In this chapter of our lives, a new partnership with Mammoth Nation has unfolded, feeling like an answer to our prayers. Finding like-minded individuals who share our values brings us immense joy. We recognize our profound blessings in calling the greatest country in the world our home, a sentiment rooted in the faith and principles of the founding fathers who crafted the Constitution on a Judeo-Christian foundation.

Yet, we acknowledge the unfortunate drift away from the values that once shaped our nation. The repercussions of this deviation are evident in the corruption within our government. Despite these challenges, we remain steadfast in our belief that this nation is worth fighting for.

At Kisling Farms, we hold a firm conviction that the church, prayer, and unwavering adherence to God's word, as stated in 2nd Chronicles 7:14, constitute the most potent force for good. We refuse to remain on the sidelines, witnessing the encroachment of ideologies that harbor disdain for our country and the idea of being one nation under God.

Our commitment extends beyond words; it involves action. Drawing inspiration from James 2:20, which declares that faith without works is dead, we stand ready to make a difference. Mammoth Nation has provided us with a platform to contribute actively to the preservation of the values we hold dear. For this, we express our gratitude, determined to be a part of the solution for the country we cherish.