Proprietary Blend Horse Feed Supplement

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Nutrients Plus for Horses - Racing Formula - Sport Formula


Lawley's Inc. is a family-owned animal nutritional manufacturing company that has been in business for over 40 years. Primarily focusing on the dairy industry for the past decades, Lawley's has grown into a well-known company name that takes pride in manufacturing high-quality products with integrity. Lawley's believes in old-fashioned work ethics and core values as we service the USA with select sales representatives and specialists in the field and manufacturing plants in Plainview, TX and Stockton, CA. Having a strong foothold in the dairy industry, Lawley's has opened Its equine division which we proudly present to Mammoth Nation members.

Lawley's equine products have only been recognized by word of mouth in the past. Recently, Lawley's became the official horse feed supplement sponsor of the USTRC (United States Team Roping Championships). The equine division has officially launched to actively promote and generate genuine results in horses on a larger scale with our high-quality proprietary blend supplements. No matter what type of horse you have, Lawley's has affordable supplements to fit your needs and guarantees genuine results or your money back!

Each product contains our proprietary blend that focuses on creating a healthy, active horse from the inside of the body by buffering pH levels, introducing beneficial microbes to create a healthy gut biome and digestive enzymes to achieve a complete digestion process, removing pathogens and boosting immune system function, aiding cognitive function, and controlling inflammation to improve recovery and activity. Our products are intended for every horse, from a hard keeper to a healthy performance horse and everything in between. Whether you ride once a month or every day, your horse is guaranteed to benefit from Lawley's equine supplements.