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Legal Limits Fish Length Measure - The Jake Intimidator Decoy

Products for fishermen and hunters alike from Countrymen Innovations!

Legal Limits would like to thank you for being interested in our products. This is a product whose time has come – be sure your catch is legal! With states imposing higher fines for undersized kept fish, this great product will ensure that your catch is legal and always close at hand. Already widely used by top Bass Pros and charter captains, this terrific measuring device is now directly available to you. Measure Up! It’s a good law to promote the continued enjoyment you get from fishing!

The Jake Intimidator is a unique decoy that uses motion to simulate a Tom puffing up and strutting. For the turkey hunter who only has a couple of days to hunt per season, this decoy puts the odds in your favor BIG TIME! It works great on birds that “hang up” because you can control it to appear and disappear very easily, and the movement is extremely realistic. It instinctively attracts gobblers and long beards, has a very life-like feather pattern, and the set-up is quick and easy.