Marye Brenda Jewelry

Handcrafted Traditional Metal Jewelry

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Bolos - Bracelets/Cuffs - Earrings - Necklaces - Rings - Accessories

High-quality handcrafted jewelry from Marye Brenda Jewelry

Our handcrafted jewelry is created for you by Marye Brenda and Joseph Peisinger. We are the husband and wife team behind Marye Brenda Jewelry. All of our jewelry is made by hand using traditional metal smithing techniques in Pennsylvania. We design jewelry to be a foundation of sophisticated elegance and timeless style for both men and women. Creativity and quality come first, not at the expense of price.

Unique, timeless, and unexpected designs can be found, including our most recent collection of bolos “The Art of Gentlemanly Expression.” These are contemporary, custom, and always patriotic. From the classic sterling and argentium silver styles of our necklaces, cuffs, earrings, and bracelets to our bolos, you will find our handcrafted jewelry pieces are designed to be treasured and passed down for generations.

Our aesthetic is sculptural, effortless, and elegant, transcending trends to bring you distinctive designs you’ll reach for everyday wear as well as for special occasions.

We take great pride in creating meaningful jewelry. We can often be found in our studio with Teddy, our furry family member.