Modern Spartan Systems

Oil for Optimizing Your Firearms, Engines & More

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Metal Cleaner • Tool Cleaner • Gun Cleaner • Lubricants

Spartan’s SAFE, GREEN, American-made chemistry is DIFFERENT FROM and SIGNIFICANTLY OUTPERFORMS the competition.  “OPTIMIZATION” means that we make precision engineered “tools” more precise.  We do this with our SUPER-Cleaners combined with our PROPRIETARY anti-friction/low-stick technology (friction is reduced by an AMAZING 90%).  We provide both consumer and commercial/industrial products.

SPARTAN Chemistry is the MOST ADVANCED “OPTIMIZING” Chemistry on the Planet!

We “OPTIMIZE metal” and MAXIMIZE Performance of EVERY Firearm, Fishing Reel, Engine, Bladed Tools…

The Spartan definition of “IMPROVEMENT” shows itself in terms of: ACCURACY, RELIABILITY, FEEL, PERFORMANCE, ASSET LIFE, LOWER-MAINTENANCE, CORROSON CONTROL, EASE AND SPEED OF CLEANING, FUEL EFFICIENCY (for cars…) and more FREE TIME to ENJOY using your guns, fishing reels, vehicles… while they perform at an optimal level.


To BEST UNDERSTAND the Difference and AMAZING VALUE of Accuracy Oil™ (one of many phenomenal formulas) watch this short "to-the-point" video.

Accuracy Oil™ - video PROOF – friction DESTROYED (top firearm lube on the planet)

Awesome food for your vehicles - TVT GREEN Engine Oil Additive™ (video)