Monsalvat Woodworking

Freedom of Speech, Through Visual Art

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Artwork - Pens
Monsalvat Woodworking was founded in 2018 in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley by Paul Thieberger, a self-taught woodworker and artist. Paul started woodworking as an outlet for stress relief and his hobby quickly became a passion, and this passion grew into an artform. Paul quickly realized that there is freedom and expression in woodworking and started focusing in on detailed items such as pens and lathe items. However, his passion for surrealism and the limitations that reality binds us to can only be overcome by freeing the imagination in things such as art and literature. It took about 10 seconds for Paul to realize that writing was not in his wheelhouse. Painting, however, was worth a shot, and in the midst of COVID with a push for cancel culture, Paul turned Monsalvat Woodworking into Monsalvat Woodworking – Wood Shop and Art Studio.

Paul's passion for free speech is his drive in the studio. Art falls in the category of free speech and expression, thus making it a target for cancel culture. He also believes that some messages are easier to promote and discuss through art. Art simply has a way of bringing people together, each person views art differently and allows for civil debate and discussion. Because of this art is an extremely valuable system of free speech and must be protected by the people in the same manner we protect verbal expression. That goes for all forms of art, not just the art we find commonality with, but even the art we disagree with, like speech; we MUST protect the concept, be it good or bad.

Because this concept is so important to MWW, we advocate all art forms and oftentimes work with students and adults on not just art history and techniques but on the fundamental principles of art (free expression). We support students to exercise their expressions and thoughts freely. Making their art more pure, real, and passionate. Our goal is to spread the advocacy of speech and expression through art. We continue to look for artists who share our same concept to grow into a virtual online gallery that provides the town square, expression, and speech through our eyes.