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PRO-35 - PRO-34 - PRO-33 - Progesterone Cream
Natures Light is a family-owned business that came to be out of necessity. Our founder's son was involved in a horrible accident where he broke his back in multiple places. After numerous unsuccessful back surgeries, he found himself reliant on an array of potent medications, including morphine, oxycontin, and fentanyl, all of which exacted a heavy toll on his body and ensnared him in their addictive grasp. Our founder, a master herbalist, embarked on a mission to develop a superior pain-relieving option that didn't have all the adverse effects. After painstakingly exploring hundreds of herbs, she meticulously identified 33 that exhibited the most potent pain-relieving properties. These 33 herbs would go on to form the core of our all-natural pain relief products.

What distinguishes Natures Light from the multitude of pain relief offerings in the market is its unparalleled uniqueness. There is truly nothing comparable to our products available today. Unlike many other products that often contain an abundance of fillers aimed at reducing costs, which may provide consumers with a deceptive semblance of pain relief, our products offer immediate and long-term satisfaction!