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Oral Health Products
Personal dental care products for a beautiful and healthy smile from Preventive Dentistry Products!

Preventive Dentistry Products' proprietary oral hygiene products make cleaning your teeth simple and easy. Cleans where the toothbrush can’t reach. Worldwide dental research has established that bacterial Plaque is the principal cause of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Unless disturbed and removed, the chemical action of Plaque causes cavities, irritates and infects the gums, and can eventually destroy the bone supporting the teeth. Preventive Dentistry Products can substantially reduce plaque with our oral hygiene products and are recommended by dentists.

Flossing aid with dental floss. The original flossing aid is a compact convenient-to-carry flossing unit that contains and dispenses dental floss. Complete with floss cutter and tongue cleaner. EZ Dental Flosser flosser cartridge included.

Flossing aid that makes flossing simple, safe, and effective. The user adapts the flossing head concept one finds most effective for each inter-proximal use; for best results, use Sunny Smiles Floss. It may also be used with dental tape.

BEST TOOTH PIK YOU WILL EVER USE! When you can’t floss, a supple curve shape with dental PLAC-GRID helps remove plaque and food debris from tooth surfaces and in interproximal areas and gingival margins. A softly rounded end eliminates pricking discomfort. Pliable non-splintering plastic assures greater maneuverability into hard-to-reach areas.

Unwaxed dental floss. End floss frustrations with reinforced resilience strength that reduces fraying and breaking. Softly pliant floss effectively disturbs plaque without snarling and tangling. Floss cutter included.