Sea Dogs Kennel

Sea Dogs Kennel

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Sea Dog Kennels


Sea Dog Kennels is a family breeder of Portuguese Water Dogs, located just outside of Scranton, PA and owned and operated by Karen and Michael Carroll.

Planning for their retirement in their mid-fifties, Karen and Michael decided on getting back into what they loved — breeding. They researched well behaved, good loving temperaments, intelligent and non shedding breeds and decided that Portuguese Water Dogs were the best breed in the world and exactly what they were looking for.

Sea Dog Kennels raises healthy, playful, mischievous Portuguese Water Dogs and Bernese Water Dogs on a diet of exercise, fun and love, all in the country sunshine. The wonderful mix of European and American bloodlines strives to reproduce the quality of temperament that the breed originally possessed.

Sea Dog Kennels believes that they have the most special mates and beauties available in the Great USA! All of 'em blessed with the original European loving temperament and bloodlines directly from a famous sea faring port in Portugal and world renowned De Gifford Kennel.

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