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Emergency Room, Urgent Care, Rx Discounts, Testing & Imaging, Wellness Visits, Physical Therapy, Home Healthcare, MRI & CT Scans, Maternity
Are you ready to put the first true member-to-member direct cost sharing platform to work for you and your family?

What is Medical Cost Sharing? Share HealthCare is exactly how it sounds — an easy and modern way to share medical expenses with your friends and neighbors online. It is not health insurance. We are a non-profit organization of members who strive to be healthy and active individuals utilizing the latest technology to voluntarily share medical costs through our direct member-to-member cost sharing.

Am I Eligible for Medical Cost Sharing? Any Christian who shares our belief in foundational Christian principles is welcome to join.

Why Choose Share HealthCare? Walk By Faith – Share HealthCare brings together people from all across the country, who share the same religious beliefs, to help one another bear the burden of medical expenses.

Easy Enrollment – It’s easy to sign up, simply complete the online enrollment form and if you qualify, one of our representatives will contact you to begin sharing at your convenience.

Keep Your Provider – Share HealthCare will work with your provider so you can continue visiting the doctors and hospitals you prefer.