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Stay Well With Nature's Most Efficient Anti-Microbial Material - Copper!

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Antimicrobial Phone Patches - Keychains - Charms

A variety of products using nature's most efficient anti-microbial material from StayWell Copper!

I’m Marcia Reece, the lady who invented Sidewalk Chalk in the early 1980s and more than 100 other consumer products – practical products solving everyday problems we all face.

After almost dying from a deadly MRSA staph infection in my lower spine, I became determined to invent an all-natural, chemical, and drug-free way to kill the harmful bacteria threatening us. I survived six surgeries, had to learn to walk again, and was read final rites twice. Once I recovered, I began my research and product development. I worked tirelessly to create antimicrobial copper products that are portable, easy to use, attach to the things we touch the most, and affordable... and that’s how StayWell® Copper was born!

✔ EPA Registered & FDA and FTC Compliant
✔ All Natural, Antimicrobial, Antibacterial, Antiviral – Kills Germs, Bacteria, Pathogens, Viruses, and Odors.
✔ Kills 99.9% of Harmful Bacteria on the things we touch all the time.
✔ All Natural and Chemical Free – No more red, chapped hands from chemical hand sanitizers.
✔ Buy Once – Lasts Forever. Economical! Endlessly Recyclable. No refills, batteries, mess, or waste.
✔ We employ US Veterans in our company and control every step of the process to ensure safe, high-quality products.
✔ Women-owned company founded in 2016 by a mother caring for your health like you are one of her family members.
✔ World Class Customer Support – They’re real humans that are quick, helpful, and like talking to you.

Researchers worldwide agree that copper is a natural antimicrobial – killing germs and bacteria just by touch. This is the best all-natural, chemical-free way to destroy 99.9% of harmful bacteria made with the world’s finest natural copper. Our copper is mined at Revere Copper, the country’s oldest manufacturing company, where they have taken great pride for over 222 years of making the purest copper in the world. We are proud they supply our antimicrobial copper.