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Enjoy a safer and more enjoyable time on your next outdoor excursion with safety and convenience products from Talarik!

safety and convenience wtih the SlingHook from Talarik At Talarik, our goal is to make your outdoor adventures safer and more enjoyable. Based out of Alaska and Tennessee, we’re hunters, trappers, fishermen and -women. No matter your background or where you live, we are here to help you and your family enjoy the outdoors. We are conservation minded and consumptive use centered.

Our products include, the Made in the U.S.A. SlingHook, a Jim Shockey favorite. The SlingHook is a lifesaver when hiking rugged terrain. Simple and functional, the SlingHook allows you to keep your rifle, shotgun, bow, cross-bow, or camera safely supported and immediately available while hiking with a backpack. Match the SlingHook with Safety Muzzle Covers and an Inflatable Air Seat for a truly great, safe hunting adventure.
safety and convenience products from Talarik
For those in tick country, explore our line of SickTick Tick and Chigger Repellent Bands. One Size Fits All, our ankle, leg and waist bands are comfortable and adjustable. Treated with proprietary EPA Registered permethrin technology, you can trust SickTick bands all season. Ticks and chiggers are always looking for an easy way in. Protect yourself and your kids today and avoid Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and other insect-borne diseases.

Our outdoor heritage depends on sharing the outdoors with friends, family, and others that share our vision. Thank you for your business. We look forward to seeing you on the mountain!

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