Become Invisible When Hunting in Our Titan-3D Leafy Suit

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Leafy Suit - Outfitter H2O Suit - Outfitter Series Leafy Suit - Kids Leafy Suit - Neck Gaiters - Gloves - Bow Sleeves - Face Mask - Blinds/Blankets
Titan-3D LLC. is a company that started in 2019 as a joint venture between Todd Muirhead and Rodney Taylor. Todd and Rodney are both lifetime avid hunters. They also both own very successful companies, GhillieSuits.com Inc. and Tag-Out.net, which have served the industry for approximately 20 years. During this time, the two companies have worked closely together on several projects and even partnered on some products. While these companies continue to operate independently, Todd and Rodney have decided to join forces! With the friendship and trust they have built over time, along with their experience, industry contacts, and exemplary reputations in the market they share a passion for, Titan-3D LLC was born.

A Titan is an important person or Influential in a certain Field, like Albert Einstein was a Titan in the world of Science. We at Titan-3D are revolutionizing the 3D industry with our line of 3D Leafy products and becoming a leader in the field with the Softest and most Quiet leafy products available.

Titan-3D leafy products are designed to make you invisible in the woods. Camo patterns dismantle solid blocks of color, but they do nothing to the solid outline of a hunter's body. At Titan-3D, we aim to obliterate that outline and render you invisible to wild game with various 3D leafy camouflage patterns. We offer 3D leafy suits in Mossy Oak Country DNA, Obsession, Timber, Realtree EDGE, and Greenleaf. To help with your Titan-3D leafy suit, we offer matching leafy gloves, face masks, bow sleeves, neck gaiters, and blind covers in two different sizes.