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Recoil Management Products - Holsters - Optics/Sights/Lasers


High-quality shooting products and accessories from UM Tactical!

UM Tactical was formed to provide practical, high-quality solutions for the shooting industry and Law Enforcement. All our products are made in Southwest Florida, with most being completely produced in-house with only USA-made materials, this allows our products to have an unmatched level of quality control and integrity. We also believe that a great product needs to be paired with even better customer service. Whether you are just buying personally or a dealer, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Lifetime Guarantee!

Qualifier Holster
UM Tactical's Qualifier Holsters are handmade and constructed of Boltaron. Boltaron has a much wider temperature range before cracking under arctic cold or deforming under high heat; it also has an ultra-high impact resistance over Kydex. All our holsters are made in-house, resulting in unmatched quality control. The user can easily and quickly convert from inside the waistband to outside simply by removing the clip and installing the qualifier strap. The OWB Qualifier strap holds the holster tight to your body without sacrificing the manipulation of retention. Some models will use two retention screws.

UM3 Mount
The Combo Package includes the popular UM3 Tactical Mount and the matching UMH3 Holster. UM Tactical has created a universal sight mount that will fit all pistols with a 1913 Picatinny rail. Although there are many sight mounts that exist, the UM3 is unique. It can be mounted or removed from your firearm in under 30 seconds without the use of tools or gunsmithing. Once your optic has been sighted in, the mount can be taken on and off and will still hold zero! The UMH3c Universal Holster uses the optic mount to retain your firearm. This high-quality mount is constructed from CNC machined aluminum and is finished in Mil-Spec Type III anodizing. The Combo Package is priced to save you money while allowing you to get the FULL Universal System.

Defined as Rapid Adjustable Gas Expulsion, this is a Total Compensation System. This new rifle compensator is the world’s first patented re-configurable recoil management device. Each kit includes 5 adjustable tuning port washers; our port washers allow you to divert the high-pressure gases with interchangeable angled ports providing exceptional performance. The included TCS Barrel device has three port washer mounting zones (high, mid, and low pressure). This allows the user to completely adjust the gases to not only best fit the rifle but the shooter as well. Our system does not require any drilling to adjust and allows the user to change the gas direction by simply changing the washers or even just their location on the muzzle device. The clear leader in muzzle recoil management devices.