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Heavy-Duty Brooms For Everyday Cleaning

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Push Brooms - Bend Brooms
High-quality and heavy-duty brooms. Available in 24" & 36" Push Broom for everyday cleaning on smooth surfaces and 36" Heavy Duty Sweep for rough surface projects like concrete, asphalt and roofs. Perfect for commercial and residential use for dry or wet surfaces. We also offer handheld brooms, which are great for workbenches, countertops, and smaller projects.

USA Broom was formed to develop products that are American Made. Our goals were to continue to bring more great products back to the USA with the benefit of increasing US employment and economy. After owning a chain of automotive dealerships and not being able to buy a high-quality broom for the facilities, Jim decided to partner with Fuller Industries, which has been making industry-leading brooms in the USA for over 100 years.