Wayward Trading Post

Handcrafted Nets & Flyboxes

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Wooden Nets and Flyboxes
Various shapes and sizes of high-quality fishing nets handcrafted by Wayward Trading Post in the USA!

Established in 2019, Wayward Trading Post is a family-owned and operated business based in Pennsylvania. My family is salt of the earth Philadelphians. Hard-working people making their living through small businesses. Wayward was created with this same foundation of hard work and love for art and the outdoors. Small business is the backbone of the USA, so our wood is locally sourced and all our designs are created in-house. 

Our handcrafted fishing nets combine beautiful hardwoods with custom designs, hand drawn, engraved, and painted with epoxy. I work directly with my customers to provide a fun experience in designing and creating their fishing nets. I also offer in-stock options for those looking for a carefully handcrafted net made in the USA. For those, you can check out our Classic line of nets, which come with a Walnut handle, Hickory hoop highlighted with a Walnut pinstripe, and Cherry accents marrying the handle and the hoop.