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Professional web design and all around online success with Websites by Patriots!

Websites by Patriots is made up of a diverse group of liberty-loving people who enjoy what they do. This hand-selected team consists of former business owners, public safety officers, disabled veterans, and customer support specialists who have all come to call Websites By Patriots their home. We’ve been on both sides of the business market, so we just don’t read about it in a history book; WE LIVED IT!

We seek to work with small business owners with a drive and passion for providing excellence in the products or services they supply to their customers. With our assistance, they will be able to achieve greater results based on years of experience in the web development industry. Coupled with our “work around” skill set, we have found affordable (and sometimes free) solutions that save time and money for those who need it the most.

As a Full-Service Website Design Company, we can offer eye-catching design, modern functionality, graphic design, SEO, and Digital Marketing. Combine those with our award-winning support team, and you have a website ready to compete in this ever-changing internet climate. We also specialize in industry-based turn-key website designs such as plumbers, electricians, general contractors, construction, landscaping, and more.

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