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High-Quality Rugged Designer Gear

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Leather Goods & Accessories
High-quality rugged designer gear from William Ross Travel Bags!

William Ross Travel Bags® was designed for the adventurer with the intent of leaving an impression wherever they go. The is rugged yet refined but always beautiful by your side. For the traveler, WR will be a faithful companion on your many journeys. WR Travel / Messenger bags are for both women and men who want functionality and style. All of our products are made of Full-Grain, American Bridle Leather and water-resistant 24 oz twill woven Waxed Canvas from Bridgeton, New Jersey, USA.

Unable to find a bag that met my criteria and style, I designed my own quality messenger/travel bag, satchel, and carrier bags, and soon William Ross Travel Bags was born. I am the sole owner and designer of William Ross Travel Bags, named after my grandfathers. Designing the WR Travel bag took almost a year and countless prototypes. I designed a crossover travel bag that I could easily get my phone and passport out without taking the bag off. In addition, I wanted the bag to fit under the airplane seat. The WR travel bag is a functional hybrid, small enough to use as a messenger bag or work briefcase, but large enough to hold plenty of gear and clothing for basic travel.

The leather is full-grain leather - the best you can get. Full-grain leather comes from the top layer of the hide. It includes all the grain with it - hence the name full-grain leather. This type of leather retains the inherent toughness, as well as the imperfections because there are no surface alternations or splitting. It is the highest quality leather, thus the most expensive. Full-grain leather develops a patina over time - a characteristic that attributes to its popularity.

No synthetic materials are used in the production of our bags. At WR, we believe in quality over quantity. Shop sustainable and say no to fast throw-away fashion that only adds to our already overflowing landfills. All of our products are environmentally-friendly, and with the right care, will last you a lifetime

A rugged natural fabric that unlike most synthetics, will look better with time. Waxed canvas develops a patina with age, each mark a reminder of your journey. Waxed canvas radiates rugged sophistication and the natural fabric looks better with wear and time. Unlike industrial materials, waxed canvas will become part of your timeless journey; stories to be passed down and adventures embedded in the natural patina of the material. Know it, feel it, and live the difference.