Good News from Texas that Could Affect Border Security

Texas patriots are still celebrating the results of Super Tuesday’s Primary, and if you care about securing the U.S. border and election integrity, you should be, too. Overall, nine weak state Republicans lost outright in the primary, and another eight are headed for run-off elections on May 28. Notably, Texas Speaker of the House, Dade Phelan, is headed to a run-off against Trump-backed David Covey. Phelan was responsible for spearheading the impeachment against Texas Attorney, General Ken Paxton, which ultimately failed in the State Senate. He also appointed Democrats to leadership roles in the House and stymied attempts to pass conservative legislation, mainly a border bill that would have greatly mitigated last year’s border invasion and a school choice voucher program that Gov. Greg Abbott wanted passed.

Phelan put Obama admin at the helm

The speaker, along with his fellow weak RINO (Republican in Name Only) legislators killed conservative priorities using procedural methods.  Get this: Phelan’s parliamentarian Hugh Brady served as general counsel for President Barack Obama from 2014 to 2017. The Parliamentarian holds considerable power in deciding which bills make it to the floor for a vote. “In other words, to dig up parliamentary errors to kill conservative legislation,” a letter from a group of representatives protesting Brady’s role and potential conflict of interest as a paid lobbyist.

Phelan sided with Democrats to kill major border security bill

In May 2023, just as Title 42 was about to expire and the state was about to be invaded with an onslaught of illegal immigrants, Texas Scorecard reports that the Texas House approved a series of minor border security bills (weak laws that RINOs would brag about in their primary mailers later to fool voters into thinking they actually did something). Then the main bill came up that would have created a Border Protection Unit under the Texas Department of Public Safety. It would have also built a wall, kept out illegals, created stiff criminal penalties for those who came over illegally, and created the authority to return illegals to Mexico under certain conditions.

And what happened? A Democrat raised a point of order—basically quibbling over the bill’s caption. Phelan sustained the point of order and sent the bill back to committee where he knew it would die because it was past the deadline to consider bills. The bill sponsor and a handful of patriots scrambled to find a total of 10 other representatives, the number required to appeal the chair’s ruling. But a representative confided, that they were unable to find anyone willing to defy Phelan and the bill died.

The swampy Austin rivals D.C.

How could this happen? Texas insiders compare the swampiness of the state capital Austin to Washington D.C. Some say it’s even worse than D.C. It’s packed with literally thousands of special interest lobbyists. This recent list shows it all. Phelan has maintained power by ceding power to Democrats in the form of chair positions in exchange for their support. He also controls Republicans by using committee appointments and campaign funding as a carrot and stick. And he’s been accused of not behaving well. He earned the nickname “Drunk Dade” after footage emerged of him slurring words on the floor. (Yes, alcoholic beverages are available in the chamber during session.)

Attacks on Paxton fatal flaw

However, Phelan’s attacks on Paxton, culminated in what many call a rushed, “sham” impeachment, were his ultimate undoing. They attracted national attention and ignited grassroots resistance to unseat incumbents who voted to impeach Paxton. On Sept. 16, the Senate voted to exonerate Paxton of all 16 articles of impeachment. Check out Paxton’s interview on X with Tucker Carlson to get all the details of exactly what a setup farce it was. Paxton for several months was under a gag order and not able to do his job.

And if you value American liberty—you want Paxton busy at work. He’s done more to fight for election integrity and fight the border invasion than almost any other attorney general.

Paxton on the job is good for America

Recall his recent lawsuit against the NGO Annunciation House in El Paso, Texas. Recall his “Texas vs. Pennsylvania” lawsuit in 2020, fighting against the massive election fraud in the Presidential election.

In Tuesday’s primary, Paxton also fought back against three judges on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals who voted to block his efforts to enforce election integrity. Some of these judges received campaign contributions by anti-Paxton lobbying groups. Paxton’s three endorsed challengers all won. After the election he declared on X, “Tonight, Texans have spoken loud and clear. The victory of Judges David Schenck, Gina Parker, and Lee Finley, endorsed by my office, marks a significant moment in our state’s legal history. It sends a powerful message that Texans demand judges who prioritize the Constitution and uphold the rule of law.”

Tuesday’s primary wasn’t without some disappointing race results for conservatives, but overall, the mood was positive, and we right about now, we could all use a Texas-sized dose of hope.